What It Means to Teach Love

Prepping our students to spread love, gratitude and kindness

Our school has launched a new “Teach Love” initiative!

With all the challenges in the world right now, we see our Teach Love campaign as a beacon of light to spread the message that as long as there is love and kindness in the world, hate will never win.

At Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School, we believe in teaching through a lens of love and compassion so that our students can see, know and experience firsthand the positive impact they can make here at IHM and beyond.

Our parishioners and school families have committed to carrying out 10,000 acts of kindness, in addition to charitable actions like a penny war to raise money to combat blindness, and a blanket making project for St. Vincent de Paul.

But this is just the beginning: at IHM, teaching love is not just a special event. It’s a year-round commitment. For students, kindness, gratitude and love become a way of life – virtues they carry with them long after they’ve left our building.

Our doors are always open to new students; for more information or a tour of our campus and a chance to talk with our friendly staff, call Principal Callie Meiller at (608) 222-8831 or e-mail secretary@ihm-school.org!