Planned Giving

Leaving a Lasting Legacy
Just as we plan to ensure financial health for our families, we must plan for the health of our faith families. Your planned gift to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church & School (IHM) will provide financial support for years to come!

Many parishioners make contributions outside the parish because we have not asked them for their help. Bequests to the parish, gifts of life insurance, stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit can help perpetuate your faith commitment. Please remember the ongoing and long-range needs which exist here at IHM. Gifts may be designated as “unrestricted” or there are specific areas which could benefit from your gifts, they are:

Endowment Fund for Religious Education: Gifts to the Endowment Fund are invested to grow for the future. Interest and dividends are used to fund programs and materials that provide Catholic religious education for the youth and adults of our parish school and religious education programs.
Scholarship Fund: Gifts to the Scholarship Fund provide tuition assistance for students at IHM School and in our Religious Education program.
Capital Fund: Gifts to the Capital Fund provide for future facility needs at IHM.

Estate Planning
Consider one of the greatest acts of stewardship an individual can make by establishing an estate plan. Everyone should have an estate plan comprising of either a will or a trust – this will allow you to determine how and to whom the gifts God has bestowed on you will be distributed when you can no longer serve as your own steward. If you are planning on giving to charity, please consider Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church & School as part of your estate plan.

Bequests & Wills
Please consider making a gift to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church & School in your will as a way of expressing your gratitude to God for all the blessings you have received from Him. The good we do lives on after us – if we have the foresight to make a will! An up-to-date will is the best way to provide for those we love and to continue our support of the good works at IHM.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Have you considered establishing a charitable gift annuity as a way to make a gift to IHM? By establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity, you can help IHM while still receiving a benefit for yourself and/or your spouse for the remainder of your lives. Interest rates on CDs and other fixed-income investments have declined over the years. Individuals are in search of ways to maintain cash flow, seek the security of guaranteed payments, save on taxes, and most importantly, help the organizations that have meant so much to them throughout the course of their lives. With the establishment of a charitable gift annuity you can choose to receive your payments quarterly, semi-annually or annually

IRA Rollover
Are you 70 ½ and considering a gift to the parish? If you have an IRA this could provide you with a beneficial way to make a gift of up to $100,000 this year. Special conditions apply so please contact your tax advisor, plan administrator or the parish office to learn more about the Charitable IRA Rollover.

Wondering what to do with your annual IRA distribution? If you and your spouse are in your 70s, this may be a great way for you to make a gift to the parish.
• Avoid taxes on a transfer of up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to the parish
• Satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year
• Reduce your taxable income, even if you do not itemize deductions

We greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness of parishioners who have left gifts to the parish. These gifts help to build a solid foundation for future generations. Please contact the parish office at 608.221.1521 for more information or questions about gift giving opportunities.