Eagle Express 8/6/2020

From the Office

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all of you who have filled out the “Roomer or Zoomer” survey that we sent out last week! There were some common questions in the comments that we have answered below, and a little more information to share, and more surveys and signups. As always, let us know what you need and what questions you have:

  • 4K families look for an email soon regarding the plans for our 4K classroom! Only some of the below information will pertain to you.
  • ECE and 4K wraparound and afterschool do not need to be used 5 days a week. Students can use ECE, and WA/AS for only the days you need them. We do expect students to follow a consistent schedule from week to week, as much as possible.
  • If there is a  COVID case at IHM, we will follow the Dane County guidelines as  to how to handle it. Those guidelines are still in the works, and have not been shared with us yet. As soon as they are, we will share them with you.
  • More information will also be forthcoming about our virtual learning plan for Zoomers, and in case we do need to start the year virtually for the ECE and K-8 (4K is already on a virtual start).
    • We are planning on live-streaming the in-person classes as much as possible, for a smooth and engaging synchronous classroom streaming experience all for students accessing school from home, and as such, students will be expected to be on-line much of the day, depending on their age.
  • If  you read our COVID plan, you know that we had planned on providing  face     shields to our students, if possible. The current mask mandate in Dane County only accepts one kind of face shield, the “Badger Shield.”  We are working on getting funding to cover a Badger Shield for every student. You can see the Badger Shield here:  https://making.engr.wisc.edu/badger-shield-plus/.

    If we are unable to get funding for Badger Shields for all students, these will be the options:

    • Well-fitted cloth face mask provided by parents. We suggest you get your student used to wearing a face mask now to make it easier once school starts.
    • a  Badger Shield face mask, purchased by parents through IHM School.  If you would prefer to have a face shield for your child, please  use this form to request one through IHM:  https://immaculateheartmonona.wufoo.com/forms/q1xlrezg0mru54g/ . We will put together a bulk order. If we cannot get a donation to  cover the cost of the shield the cost will be $15 each, charged to your FACTs account in September. The shields will not be here in time for the beginning of the school year.
  • If you would like to donate cloth or disposable face masks to IHM school for those who don’t have one, please drop them off to the school office on Thursdays from 9-1, or bring to Back to School Day.
  • IHM will be doing temperature checks on students when they enter the building. Unfortunately we won’t have time to ask every student screening questions about their health. We will expect parents  to keep their children home,  and inform IHM of the reason, if they can answer yes to any of these  questions:

1. Do you have any of these symptoms that are not caused by another condition?

•Fever or chills


•Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


•Muscle or body aches


•Recent loss of taste or smell

•Sore throat


•Nausea or vomiting


2. Within the past 14 days, have you had contact with anyone that you know had COVID-19or COVID-like symptoms? Contact is being 6 feet (2 meters) or closer for more than 15minutes with a person, or having direct contact with fluids from a person with COVID-19(for example, being coughed or sneezed on).

3. Have you had a positive COVID-19 test for active virus in the past 10 days?

4. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical professional told you to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID-19 infection?

  • We also want you to understand that IHM will expect students with these     symptoms to stay home until the symptoms clear. This may mean that a student with a cold or other milder illness will be out more days than would be typical in the past.

Finally, the best place to start if you have questions about anything is with an email to Mrs. Winter at secretary@ihm-school.org. If she cannot answer your question, she will forward it to someone who can: a teacher, Bernie Heit our Finance Mananger, or to myself. I am happy to get emails and questions, but often have to backtrack to check with Mrs. Winter, or Mr. Heit, and to be very honest, I am pretty busy at the moment! Thanks for your help with this!

We are so happy to be welcoming you back to another great year of learning at IHM, from school or from home!

Peace & Blessings,

Callie Meiller, Principal

Office Reminders

  • The  sign-up for your slot for dropping off supplies and meeting your teacher at Back to School Day, Thursday August 27th  from 12:00-6:00 PM is here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080B4FA4A72CA31-back.  If you can’t make that day, it  is not necessary to arrange a different time,  just have your child bring their supplies on the first day of school.
  • The 19-20 Yearbooks are here and they look amazing! Thanks so much to Mrs. Sharon Derks for getting them finished and sent off to the printers! All students that were here for the 19-20 school year will get their yearbook at the beginning of the 20-21 school year in their classroom. Teachers will send them home to Zoomers with other supplies.
  • If you need the bus for the 20-21 school year, it will be running for IHM students! Make sure to fill out the attached form  and get it to Nelson Bus by this Friday, August 7th, even if you already filled it out earlier this year (before the end of July).