Eagle Express 8/13/20

From the Office

Dear Parents,

We have a few things to remind you of, and a few things to share today, so we thought an Eagle Express was appropriate! As always, please let us know if you have any questions!
If you haven’t completed enrollment for the 20-21 School Year, you will receive an email from Mrs. Winter by the end of the week. Please complete the enrollment as soon as you possibly can. Not being enrolled as of now is causing issues with getting your students onto class lists, delaying tuition payments, and other complications. We understand that FACTs is a new system for us, and know that can cause issues, so please reach out if you need help. If you do not enroll by Friday, August 21st, or contact us with your situation, we will open classes to wait lists.
Linked below in this email is the Hybrid-Virtual Learning Plan for IHM School. This mostly pertains to students who have chosen to be Zoomers, but it will be of interest to all. If you have any questions that are not addressed in the plan, reach out to your child’s teacher or to Mrs. Winter and they can help with your questions. I am proud of all the teachers are doing to prepare for this interesting school year, their positive can-do attitudes, and their willingness to do what needs to be done in order to give IHM students the best education!
Thanks to the 4K parents that have answered our survey about your plans for the MG-Virtual beginning to the school year. Monona Grove is allowing those students who are at IHM physically to have their learning facilitated by Ms. Conner in person. 4Ker’s who are staying virtual will also have Ms. Conner live-streaming morning meeting times and uploading weekly lessons to SeeSaw. In person learning will take place Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a planning and collaboration day for Ms. Conner, however students are still invited to attend during the time that you indicated on the survey.
I hear your questions about wanting to know what IHM will do if we have COVID exposure or positive cases. The Health Department and Dane County have not supplied the promised flowchart for those procedures, so as of right now, we don’t have anything to share except the we will follow County procedures. It is LIKELY that if there is a positive exposure, the student would need to quarantine for two weeks (virtual learning can continue!) and if there is a positive case the entire class would need to quarantine for two school weeks, but not the whole school, although we would communicate the status to the whole school so parents can make decisions about their own comfort level with attending in person. We would also contact the Health Dept. and follow their instructions. We promise to share those plans with you when they are avaible, and if they aren’t available soon, come up with our own to share!
There have been so many surveys and sign ups lately, we thought it might be handy to see them all in one place. If you haven’t responded, now would be the time to do so. There is more information on each form, if you need it:
Back To School Day Sign-Up – One per family please! If you have already signed up for more than one slot, you can follow the link to delete the extra slots, or email Mrs. Winter at secretary@ihm-school.org and she will do it for you: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080b4fa4a72ca31-back
God Bless,
Callie Meiller, Principal

Office Reminders

  • Yearbooks for returning students will be available from their teachers once school begins!
  • Log into FACTs Management to find the enrollment packet. The district code is IHM-WI. If you attempt to enroll and you get the message “you are not the enrollment responsible parent”, either sign in with the other parents account (or create one!) or email Mrs. Winter and she can change the “responsible parent” in the system! Let us know if you have any questions!
  • The Grant & Aid application is available here: Grant & Aid Application. The form may indicate that the deadline has passed, but there is no deadline, so please apply if you need to. Funds may be limited, so apply as soon as you can. Let us know if you need help with the application.
  • Please remember that we may have a few students/staff that cannot wear a mask for various reasons. We take these cases seriously, and won’t let anyone out of the requirement for frivolous reasons. We expect all parents, students, and staff to accept that a few people might not wear masks, that they have been cleared by me, and to behave in a Christian, respectful way towards all.

Thank You

Many thanks to all of our wonderful families, for supporting IHM, for making hard decisions, for giving the benefit of the doubt, and for reading all of the many things we send home! You are all the best, and we are so blessed to be supporting each other!

HSA News

One more drive-through Scrip pick-up on August 26th! Pick-up is between 4-6 PM in the church round-about! You can order ahead online at glscrip.com, or shop from our cards in stock!
You can also purchase in-stock scrip from the Parish Office during their office hours: Monday-Thursday from 9-12.
Thanks for your support of the Scrip program!