Eagle Express 3/20/2020

Hi IHM Families!

We sure miss seeing all of your faces, and we pray that you are doing well!

I wanted to send a very short half “Eagle Express” for this week with just a few updates. I don’t want to overwhelm you with updates, but
thought this info might be handy before next week.

-At this point, there are no office hours at IHM. Mrs. Meiller and I
may be stopping by periodically, as well as teachers. If you need
something from school, please email (office or teacher, whoever makes
more sense for what you need) to let us  know and we will figure out a
way to get it to you!

-I have attached the calendar for the 20-21 school year, hot off the presses. I’ve had lots of requests for this as we all reschedule our
vacations and try to plan for the future!

-ECE families will only be billed for days that they used through last week (the amounts for the first half of March will be withdrawn on April 25th). Going forward, you will only be billed for the days you use, once we open again.

-Because we know we will be closed through April 3rd, all of March billing has been updated in FACTs so amounts that will be withdrawn are up to date, if you want to look at your account.

– The IHM Art Fair scheduled for Thursday, April 23rd has been
cancelled. No kids in school to produce the art!

-Right now we are in a wait and see mode for other things on the
calendar. We will let you know as decisions are made, and we find out
what the future holds!

-Please keep signing up for IHM Summer Camp (care for kids going into
1st-6th grade) IHM Summer Camp. and IHM Summer ECE program (ECE
students-future Kindergarteners) ECE Summer Sign Up.  These sign-ups are not binding, we won’t
charge you, but it does help us to plan for these programs, once they
do begin, and to make sure we have care for those who need it! Plan on
things being back to “normal”, and sign up if you would “normally”
need it – we can adjust as we get closer, if needed.

That’s it for now! Please let me know if you have any questions!




20-21 One-Page Calendar