Eagle Express 11/11/20

From the Office

Dear Parents,

During this month of Thanksgiving, let’s remember to be grateful every day for the blessings that God has given to us. We here at IHM are grateful that you have chosen IHM to be your partners in educating your children and sharing our faith.

A reminder that we will begin a 1:00 PM Early Dismissal on Wednesdays for grades K-8 only, starting next week, November 18th.  Information about this went out in an email last Friday, if you did not get the email please check your Spam folder!

Governor Ever’s released another special order in response to the uptick of COVID cases in Wisconsin. In Dane County,  Emergency Order #9 stays in effect, and everyone is encouraged to follow the additional recommendations in the state order. This includes:

·       Staying home – All individuals should stay home as much as possible and only make trips when necessary, such as to go to work, pick up groceries, or refill prescriptions.

·       Avoiding gatherings – Avoid gatherings of any size between individuals who are not members of the same household.

·       Limiting travel – Individuals are strongly encouraged to remain close to home and discouraged from engaging in unnecessary travel.

Thank you for following guidelines as much as you can and  for communicating with IHM School! We want everyone to be safe and healthy!

Veteran’s Day is today, Wednesday, November 11th, and the IHM 5th Grade have recorded a Virtual Veteran’s Day Prayer Service to share, the link is here: https://vimeo.com/476023341/fa55cd1c5e. We would like to extend a special invitation to the members of our community who are Veterans or current members of the service to view the service!

This is usually the time of year we are planning our Grandparents Day to invite our beloved Grandparents and other special people into the building. We are sad to have to cancel that for this year, but we will be sending out a special message to share with all of the Grandparents and other special people in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it!

Last change to sign up for your own VIRTUAL Parent/Teacher conference time, links below! Please don’t make us pick a time for you that may not work and will need to be changed! Each student should have ONE conference time for all parents. If that won’t work for your family, or you can’t make this day, please contact the teacher to arrange for a different time. Sign up for a conference time by Friday, November 13th.

ECE – Mrs. Esser

ECE – Mrs. Wellnitz (not 4K wraparound)


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Middle School

Catholic Schools provide a firm foundation for the growth and development of your child. Pray for a year filled with faith and learning. Let us be a community of service to one another and to our world.

God Bless,
Callie Meiller, Principal

Office Reminders

  • Sign up for your own private time to shop the book fair here: BOOK FAIR SHOPPING TIME
  • You don’t have to send cash with your kid’s to the Scholastic Book Fair if you set up an eWallet! You can go to the IHM Fair website here Book Fair EWallet and add funds to an electronic wallet. Only the funds that you approve will be able to be used, you can set amounts for each sibling, and you don’t have to send cash to school with your kids!
  • Please do not ring the front doorbell in the morning before 8:30 to enter the school building, even if you are late. The back door is open at that time, and the office is especially busy. Thanks for your help!
  • We have noticed more and more students coming to school mask-less. Please remember to send your child with two masks every day. Students who forget their masks can wear their Badger Shield all day in school, but they do need a mask until they get to their classroom.
  • If you spend time with people outside of your “COVID Bubble” during Thanksgiving or Christmas, or do any traveling, please keep your students home for virtual learning for 5 school days after contact with those people, or after you get home.
  • Great Christmas Gift Idea! Use this site to order IHM Spirit Wear: https://ihm.socceretcdirect.com/index.php?route=common/home Click on “School Delivery” under Delivery Method, orders will be delivered to IHM, and we will send them home with your child as soon as we receive them! Quick Tip: If you add your name to the bottom of the order, where it says “Name if applicable,” it will add your child’s name to the piece of clothing.
  • Mrs. Walters has an ongoing need for snack and sandwich-size plastic storage bags (fold over tops preferred!) and brown lunch bags. If you can donate, please send them in with your child!

Thank You!

So many, many thanks to Mrs. Monica Connolly and Mrs. Cathy Fagen for volunteering to sit at Mrs. Winter’s desk while she is in the library with library classes! They have given so many hours and they are very appreciated!

HSA News

Thank you to everyone that helped out at the Fish Fry! It was a successful event and could not have happened without our volunteers!
Please see the flyer linked below about our SCRIP incentives for November and December!
Are you signed up for SCRIP yet? It’s the easiest way to earn cash back to pay for tuition, milk, etc. while also earning money for the school. You buy gift cards to the places you already shop and get a rebate based on the business. Often, it’s better than the cash back program your credit or debit card offers.
With the gifting and shopping season approaching, purchase your digital gift cards online and immediately have them to spend.

We have the flyer attached to show how easy it is to get signed up to order your digital and physical gift cards through this program. For the physical cards, you can arrange to pick them up from school or have them sent home with your child. Please fill out the attached waiver to have them sent home. Order online by the end of Sunday and have your physical cards available on Friday. Shop With SCRIP is also implementing a new program to have the cards sent directly to your home very soon.

Email Mary at scripihm@gmail.com or Jessica at je24ica@hotmail.com with questions

Did You Know?

Mrs. Binzak is back from her maternity leave this week and is starting Music classes again! She will be going to the student’s classrooms to have music class! Welcome back Mrs. Binzak!

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