2018 Info and Registration

Hi IHM Families!

It’s only the middle of July, but there is a lot of information about the Fall at IHM! This email usually comes out in early August, but I (Diana, Secretary) am going out of town on an extended vacation, so I wanted to make sure you had what you needed, so it’s a few weeks early this year!

IHM School primarily communicates through email, so it is very important that you read through the whole email, and all of the links that pertain to your family. Please see the following links at the bottom of this email:

IMPORTANT! EVERY FAMILY (ECE, 4K, and K-8) should fill out the IHM Fall Registration Form by following this link IHM Fall Registration 18-19 by August 3, 2018. Do not be fooled and think that you have done this already – nobody has!

Before you fill out the registration, you should have read the applicable handbooks, linked below.

Start with your OLDEST child attending IHM, and fill out the form for EACH child. 2nd and subsequent children will take much less time than the first child. Gather dr. & dentist numbers, emergency contact numbers, etc. before you start.

If you need help with filling in the form please stop by school and we can help you.

Monona Grove 4K Families

If you are planning on using the Wraparound program, and have not yet contacted IHM, please do so ASAP to get on our wraparound list. The Wraparound program requires a $200 deposit, $150 of which is refunded on your first $150 of wraparound costs. Families that have paid the deposit get priority in the program. Please mail checks to “IHM 4K Wraparound Program” at 4913 Schofield St, Monona, WI 53716 with your child’s name indicated on the check.


Uniforms are required for IHM K-8 grade students. The Eagle’s Nest (our used uniform store, in the lower level of the gym, enter in the back door) will be open for uniform sales, donations and swaps on the following dates in July:

  • Sunday, July 15: 11:30-12
  • Sunday, July 22: 11:30-12
  • Wednesday, July 25: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, July 26: 7:30-8:15 a.m.

Questions? Contact Ashley McGree at ALauren518@gmail.com or (651)271-8830.

Playground Help

If you can help take down our old playground on August 7th, or put up the new one on August 10th, please contact Mrs. Meiller at cmeiller@ihm-school.org!

As mentioned earlier, I will be out of town until August 3rd. If you need help or have questions, please email Mrs. Meiller, or I will be happy to help you when I get back!

Looking forward to the Fall!